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    Mothers Day in Scottsdale: 4 Ways to Make it “Wok”

    Moms kind of rock. They make great best friends, role models, support systems without ever really taking a day off. As little kids we always dream of making mom’s day super special with flowers and all the pampering in the world but, alas, many of us were limited by lack of income and a driver’s license. So now that we’re all growed up and have the means to make Mother’s Day special, it’s about time we make up for all those burnt toast breakfasts in bed!


    1. Set Aside the Day for Her

    Who says the party has to stop at brunch? Make it a day full of adventure filled with her favorite activities. That may or may not include some things you’re not too enthusiastic about, but hey! Today is all about her after all and let’s be honest, unless you’re not that cool, she’ll be excited just to spend some extra quality time with you.


    1. Schedule a Spa Day

    Spa days are a wonderful luxurious experience that we don’t come around often enough, especially if you’re a mom. It’s not always something we’ll go out of the way to schedule for ourselves, but when it’s gifted to you, you bet your hot stones we’re getting that massage. Surprise Mom with a spa day for you and her—paid for by you of course—and soak in all the good juju you can before returning to the real world.


    1. Be Her Personal Maid

    Remember the good ol’ days when you’d hear the car in the driveway and frantically start cleaning like you hadn’t been eating Froot Loops and watching cartoons all day? As an adult, you don’t have to worry about those chores anymore, but how about bringing out the feather duster and mop for old time’s sake?


    1. End the Day with Dinner & Cocktails at Ling & Louie’s

    And if you don’t think you’ve secured your position as favorite kid just yet, some delicious dinner and cocktails at Ling & Louie’s to end the day might just do it. Ling & Louie’s special “A Toast to Mom” menu is available from May 5th through May 8th and features entrees such as the Spicy Sizzling Salmon, Sizzling Steak & Scallops and the Thai Tuna Bowl.


    For drinks, you can order Mom a drink to enjoy on the patio named after some of your favorite phrases to hear growing up, including the “Because I Said So” and “Wait ‘Til Your Dad Gets Home” Mimosas. If you still need a little boost to keep the odds in your favor, we’ve got you covered with a free $10 gift card for mom just for dining with us!


    Visit our #ToasttoMom page on our website to see the full menu and get your day of bonding all planned!

    Virginia Dare Winery Wine Dinner

    Event on 5/19/2016 at 6:30

    Join Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill and Virginia Dare Winery as we host another amazing wine pairing dinner!

    Space for this special event is limited. Please call 480-767-5464 to make your reservations today!


    Kung Fu Coconut Shrimp
    Pineapple salsa, sweet citrus-chili sauce

    Two Arrowheads Viognier/Roussanne Blend
    Paso Robles 


    Kung POW! Calamari
    Snap peas, red bell peppers, peanuts, spicy red chili-soy

    Virginia Dare Winery Chardonnay
    Russian River


    Seared Pork Tenderloin
    Wok’d spinach, savory plum sauce 

    Virginia Dare Winery Pinot Noir
    Russian River


    Ling & Louie’s Filet Medallions
    Miso-marinated filet with red curry butter, bacon-wrapped filet with bleu cheese sauce, potato wontons

    Manteo Red Blend, Sonoma County The Lost Colony Red Blend
    Sonoma County


    Lemon Sorbet homemade sugar cookie

    *Menu subject to change

    *Please contact management regarding accommodations for allergies or special dietary needs

    Beer Pairings in Scottsdale to Try on Your Next Visit

    Ordering Sapporo beer with that sushi? You’re not the only one. While you may not exactly be swarming in beer choices at your favorite Asian cuisine spot (unless you’re visiting Ling & Louie’s of course) as you would at a brewery, there are lots of tasty pairings that haven’t quite been unlocked besides the go-to Japanese beer.

    Because people more typically associate beer with Western and European origins, it tends to be an outsider when it comes to Asian dish pairings. But when the time comes to make your selection, one should always remember that beer is really just that friendly guy with great qualities who never wants to let you down. Most of the time.

    1. IPA’s and Evil Jungle Princess

    IPA’s can be an overpowering beer if not paired with the right dish. Their intense citrusy flavor and hops can quickly steal the spotlight on the stage that is your palate, leaving what was once a flavorful dish tasting somewhat bland. So what’s the key to finding the perfect pairing? More flavor! IPA’s tend to pair well with curries and spices that can to hold their own in dishes no matter what you’re pairing them with.

    Our Beer & Dish Pairing Recommendation: Evil Jungle Princess & Mother Road ‘Tower Station’ IPA

    1. Pilsners and Sushi

    Pilsners are known for their crispness, bitterness and complex malt flavors in varying degrees. This pale lager is brewed in many ways and in many places. Its flavors form a balanced beer that’s easy to pair with many types of dishes including sushi and its hops and bitterness bring out the umami flavors of the fish.

    Our Beer & Dish Pairing Recommendation: Toledo Roll & Montejo Pilsner

    1. Hefeweizen and Seafood

    Hefeweizens are a sweeter, easy to drink wheat beer. They aren’t typically hoppy and their banana-like smoothness makes them a great pairing for seafood dishes that require a bit of contrast from their usual salinity. German-style hef’s and other wheat beers are great to pair with buttery food like scallops and lobster.

    Our Beer & Dish Pairing Recommendation: Seafood Hot Pot & Widmer Bros. Hefeweizen

    1. Pale Ales and Pad Thai

    Much like pilsners, pale ales have the ability to pair well with many different foods depending on where it’s brewed and what their strongest characteristics are. Pale ales are brewed with lightly roasted malts, making them a great pairing for nutty dishes or even spicy ones. Our recommendation to pair with this equally malty and hoppy brew? A steaming hot pad Thai dish.

    Our Beer & Dish Pairing Recommendation: New Wave Pad Thai & Ling & Louie’s ‘Copper’ Pale Ale




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