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    Louie’s Hophead Burger Recipe

    Our “Think Outside the Wok” menu won’t be around for much longer, but we wanted you to have a little something to remember us by. This is a great recipe to whip out when you’re feeling like a burger and you want to show off a little to your friends and family. It’s also great because no friends of ours will be dining on any patties that even slightly resemble Hamburger Helper meat. If you haven’t tried Louie’s Hophead Burger yet, you can thank us later.


    Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


    Burger Patties
    1 lb. Ground Beef (80/20 mix)
    1/2 Tbsp Minced Garlic
    1/2 Tbsp Minced Ginger
    3 Tbsp Oyster Sauce
    2 Tbsp Brown Sugar

    Mix ingredients thoroughly and form into four quarter-pound patties. Hold refrigerated until you’re ready to cook.

    Bleu Cheese IPA Sauce
    1 oz. wt. Butter
    3 Tbsp Flour
    4 fl. oz. Your Favorite IPA beer at room temperature
    4 fl. oz. Half & Half
    1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
    4 oz. wt. Cream Cheese
    4 oz. wt. Bleu Cheese
    4 oz. wt. Cheddar Cheese

    In a large sauté pan over medium-high heat, melt butter until simmering, add the flour and stir to create a roux (thickened sauce). Add the IPA beer and half & half and stir while bringing to a simmer (about 3 minutes). Add the mustard and cream cheese and continue stirring. Slowly add the bleu cheese and cheddar cheese while continuously stirring, allowing each addition of cheese to melt before adding more. Once all cheese is added and melted, turn heat down and hold warm until you’re ready to serve.

    To Order
    4 each Burger Patties, prepared
    4 each Hamburger Buns
    As Needed Bleu Cheese IPA Sauce
    8 each Slices of Bacon
    8 each Tomato Slices
    4 each Green Leaf Lettuce Leaves

    Grill the burgers to your desired doneness (we recommend Medium to ensure nice, juicy burgers). Lightly toast the hamburger buns. Place the burger patties on the bottom half of the toasted buns. Top each burger with bleu cheese-IPA sauce (the more the better!). Top each patty with two slices of bacon, two tomato slices and one piece of green leaf lettuce. Place the top of each bun on the burgers. Enjoy!

    Your Wok Can Do More than Wok

    The wok hasn’t quite reached “staple kitchen item” status, but if you’ve ever cooked with a wok, it’s hard to imagine why this is. Though the wok was born in China and has since spent its life making stir fries and other traditional Asian dishes, its proved to be a valuable cooking tool for many other styles besides just wok’ing.


    The wok is versatile and ingeniously perfected to retain heat, cook food better, faster and make more of it. But yet, few people own a wok and those who do reserve it for Asian cooking only, not knowing it’s perfect for other types of everyday cooking. So why isn’t it used in more ways than one? We asked ourselves the very same question and in honor of our “Think Outside the Wok” menu, we’ve listed some of the ways you can use your wok for more than just wok’ing.


    If you’re getting ready to prepare dinner, hold the pans; you might only need a wok tonight:


    Deep Frying -Fill your wok halfway way with oil and heat to the proper temperature (you’ll need a high-temperature thermometer for this). We find 350 – 375 degrees works best. Use this to fry your favorite foods like shrimp, chicken or even spring rolls. Make sure to move the food around occasionally to get equal browning on all sides.


    Steaming -Place a bamboo or stainless steel steamer in your wok and then fill halfway with water. Bring the water to a boil and place your favorite vegetables or fish in the steamer. We challenge you to create your own take on our Steamed Sea Bass from our Think Outside the Wok menu!


    Smoking -Using the steamer, you can place your favorite tea or dried herbs in a foil pouch and turn the wok on to start heat and start smoking. Place your favorite fish or meat (like duck breast) in and allow to absorb the flavors of the herbs and voila!


    If you’re new to the wok scene or just purchased a brand new wok, you’ll want to keep in mind it will need seasoning. If you’ve seasoned your own wok before, you’re almost ready to roll, but if you haven’t you can learn some of the basics in our Wok Cooking 101 blog!


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