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    Best Catering in Scottsdale for the Holidays

    The holidays are here and for many that like to host parties, it can be a lot of added stress. Who needs that? Not you! If you are hosting a holiday party or New Year’s Eve party this season, as the host, you are most likely worried about delicious food timed perfectly, beverages including cocktails and the perfect bottles of wine and everybody else having a good time (because that is what all great parties are made of).  So why not take the worry out of your next holiday gathering and let others do the work for you?

    Ling & Louie’s knows that holiday gatherings should never be boring.  Instead they should be fun and full of great food and drinks. As the host, you should be able to enjoy your company and festivities as well.  Here’s a thought: Ling & Louie’s can make your life easier. Have your holiday gathering catered!

    Ling & Louie’s wok’d dishes are a big hit at parties as are many of the Asian influenced appetizers. Finger food is always best when it comes to party food or something guests can easily fit onto a small plate and eat within a bite or two.

    We’ll suggest a few. Starting off with Kung POW!, you choose either chicken, beef, scallops or shrimp.  Your protein of choice is artfully wok’d with onions, red bell peppers, broccoli, dried chilies and roasted peanuts in a spicy red chili-soy sauce.  For those less adventurous in the spice department, Mongolian Beef is always a hit. The tender beef is wok’d with red and green onions in a garlic-ginger soy sauce and sure to please your guests.  Another hit are the Crab Wontons, hand-wrapped wontons filled with real crab, cream cheese and vegetables, topped with sweet citrus-chili sauce. Fried to perfection and served with a side of citrus-chili sauce, it’s a dish that your guests will be diving into over and over again.  Finally, the Hand-Wrapped Potstickers. Pan-seared dumplings filled with pork and wok’d vegetables are easy to pick up and dipping in the sweet soy sauce that accompanies it.

    Hungry yet? There are so many more options to choose from. Holiday parties are about fun and definitely #notboring.  Take some of the stress out of them and enjoy yourself by calling us today to get your hands on our full catering menu and pricing.  Kick back a bit this year while entertaining your guests for the holidays. You deserve it!

    Best Restaurant Gift Card Deals

    Tis the season to start thinking ahead of what you want to give people for the holidays.  Let’s be honest, no wants to be boring when they give that special someone a gift, but what if you could treat yourself while in the giving spirit this holiday?

    We’re talking about gift cards.  You know those crazy fun items you see hanging at the local checkout counter.  Well now those gift cards are EVERYWHERE including right here at Ling & Louie’s and this holiday we have a special offer.  Read on!

    So where did the idea of a gift card originate?  According to the reliable source known as Wikipedia the gift card idea came from Blockbuster video.  Here you thought they were just the ones to enforce the “be kind rewind” rule, but no they were so much bigger than that.  Blockbuster came up with the idea of a gift card back in 1994 after the invention of color printers/copiers.  The company tried to come up with an idea that people couldn’t steal and copy and the gift card was born.  Shortly after Blockbuster started seeing success with these nifty items other places started to jump on board.

    Not sure what to get the babysitter, teacher, neighbor, co-worker or that special someone on your list?  Think about how excited are you when you get to enjoy a meal somewhere and either you don’t have to pay for it at all or you have to pay very little towards the total bill, thanks to a gift card.  We know how you’d probably love a plentiful supply of crispy calamari and crab wontons on someone else’s tab, right?

    A lot of places even offer incentives for people to buy someone else a gift card.  Places like…wait for it…wait for it…LING & LOUIE’S!  You can come in and buy a gift card for anyone on your list and score one for yourself.  Why should they be the only ones to enjoy the crab wontons?  Here’s the deal. Visit Ling & Louie’s from November 25th through December 31st, for every $50 gift card purchased, you will receive a complimentary $10 bounceback card.  Spend $100 in gift cards and you’ll get a $25 complimentary bounceback card to use yourself!  Bounceback cards are valid 1/1/17 – 3/31/17.

    So while you’re out at Ling & Louie’s sipping on that Old Fashioned thinking about who you still need to buy gifts for, we can make your life so much easier! Come by and get your gift card groove on and check off as many people as you can from your gift list.


    Event on Thursday, November 17th, 2016 at 6:30

    Join Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill and King Estate Wines as we host another amazing wine pairing dinner!

    Space for this special event is limited. Please call 480-767-5464 to make your reservations today!


    Crab Cake
    Served with mixed greens in a sweet chili vinaigrette

    Acrobat Pinot Gris, Oregon

    Ahi Poke Taco
    Cabbage, Asian salsa, spicy aioli

    North by Northwest Rosé, Columbia Valley

    Pork Lo Mein
    Stir-fried with yaki soba noodles and fresh vegetables

    King Estate Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

    Wagyu Slider
    Cucumber salad, Asian BBQ sauce, candied bacon

    North by Northwest Red Blend, Columbia Valley

    Apple Wontons
    Caramel sauce, vanilla bean ice cream

    North by Northwest Riesling, Horse Heaven Hills

    *Menu subject to change.

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