Celebrate Woktober at Ling & Louie’s!

You already know that Ling & Louie’s is not for boring people. And when it comes to celebrating Octoberfest — or as we like to call it, Woktober — there’s no exception!

We’re not going to bore you with all of the traditional foods you’ve come to expect. Instead, we want you to celebrate with us the wonderful world of wok cooking with us! Enjoy dishes from all around the wok with our special limited time menu.

For starters, we have Ahi Lettuce Wraps! Why settle for plain old chicken lettuce wraps when you can enjoy fresh ahi wok’d with onions, water chestnuts, cilantro and Thai basil in a light soy and topped with pineapple salsa. Or what about the Kung POW! Calamari? Crispy calamari is wok’d and is served with snap peas, red bell peppers, Thai basil and roasted peanuts in a spicy red chili-soy.

For entrees, it’s curry all the way!  Our Sizzling Red Curry Pork features a spicy sauce for the marinated pork tenderloin. With our Thai Massaman Curry dish, you can choose from several meats. We promise this dish will tantalize your taste buds! We’re also featuring Evil Jungle Prince and Evil Jungle Princess dishes. Our Prince entree features green curry-coconut sauce and Ling’s Evil Jungle Princess dish is wok’d with our signature peanut-red curry sauce.

To top it all off, try our Bacon-Bourbon Cookie Sandwich that comes with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies topped with wok-caramelized bananas, Bourbon glaze, and vanilla bean ice cream with crumbled bacon on top. Yum!

It’s a menu where Modern Asian meets American Comfort. You just simply can’t go wrong!

Also, from 10/18/2017 – 10/22/2017, we’re offering a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees for our Social Media followers and #NotBoringNation members! Follow the links below to join the #NotBoring Nation and receive this special offer! 

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