Cocktail Dinner Scottsdale + Whiskies of the World

Whiskey is a classic spirit that can be used in both drinks and in cooking.  The flavors are unique and bold and can take food dishes from boring to bold with a simple dash of it.  The fermented flavors found in whiskey are as distinct as the areas they come from.  Depending on the region where your whiskey comes from will determine what flavors will stand out most in the dish or drink.

Scotch Whiskey:

This is probably one region that people closely associate whiskey with.  Scottish whiskey is known for its smoky taste.  One particular type of whiskey is the Single-malt whiskey.  This is a whiskey which is produced from water and malted barley.  Two popular brands of Scottish whiskey are Johnnie Walker and Chivas Regal and are one of the few spirits that must be created in a specific manner by law.  Scotch whiskey must be aged in oak barrels for at the very least for three years before it can be served.  Bottles containing the spirit must properly marked with its age clearly printed on it.

Irish Whiskey:

This is considered to be a smoother blend of whiskey than Scotch whiskey.  The reason for it tasting “more smooth” is the lack of peat used in the malting process.  Irish whiskey was also considered to be one of the world’s most popular types of whiskey.  The Irish whiskey saw a decline in sales and usage right around the turn of the 19th century, which hurt the whiskey industry as a whole.  Worldwide you will only find 12 whiskey distilleries that make Irish whiskey compared to more than 100 distilleries that make the Scotch blend.

Japanese Whiskey:

Japanese whiskey has a similar look and taste to the Scottish blend.  The reason for this is that the forefathers of Japanese whiskey, Shinjiro Torli and Masetaka Taketsuru, studied the art of distilling in Scotland giving the spirits a similar look and taste.  For the majority of the time it was produced, Japanese whiskey was considered a mostly domestic blend of whiskey.  All of that changed in the year 2001.  This is when a ten-year-old blend of “Yoichi” single-malt blend won “Best of the Best” at the “Whiskey Magazine” awards.  That award gave it the recognition for the world to take notice.  Japanese whiskey has now become one of the trendiest blends of whiskey available with popular brands being that of Luckily and L&L.


This is considered to be the American blend of whiskey.  Many people refer to bourbon as America’s native spirit and the month of September is now recognized in the U.S. as National Bourbon Heritage Month.  This blend must be comprised of at least 51-percent corn and aged for at least two years before it may be served.  The bourbon is stored in charred oak barrels for extra added flavors.  Bourbon has also seen an increase in its popularity because of the resurgence of cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned.   Here at Ling & Louies our go to brand of bourbon is Maker’s Mark.  Bourbon is used in our Old Fashioned cocktail, which also contains Solemo Blood Orange Liqueur, Peychaud’s Bitter and five-spice bitters.

This month try pairing some of our top shelf whiskeys with our Wok’n menu on September 22nd at our Whiskey Cocktail Pairing dinner! See the MENU

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