Flavors of the Fall Season

There just isn’t another season quite as flavor-packed as fall. We all know how excited everyone gets about pumpkin everything (cue the screaming sorority girls) but there are tons of other flavors that are as awesome and in some cases, even more awesome than pumpkin whatever. If you don’t think that’s possible, you’ve probably never tried a bourbon-infused dessert.

Cooking with Bourbon

Aside from desserts and other delicious fall treats, bourbon makes a heck of a special guest in almost any dish when paired properly. Its woody and sometimes even vanilla-like flavors, can bring out the best in dishes whether they’re sweet or savory.

If you’re cooking with bourbon for the first time, remember you don’t need to go out and find an expensive bottle to get the most out of your dish. Since the cooking process will change the complexities of the bourbon, it’s best to go with an affordable but tasty bourbon like Jim Beam.

Fall Dishes with Apples

While apples are obviously great for baking desserts, they’re often overlooked for their amazing cooking qualities. One of the best things about cooking with apples is the wide variety you have to work with. There are many different varieties of sweet, tart, soft and firm apples that may be fit for some dishes more than others.

In general, apples will break down the same with the right amount of cooking, but softer apples make for better sauces to give your fall dishes (and desserts!) the perfect fall touch.

Like Bourbon and Apples? Try These!

If bourbon everything is your style, Ling & Louie’s Bourbon-Glazed Pork Sliders are a must. This Ling & Louie’s original puts a fall twist on a Southern original that’ll make you thankful you’re taking a break from your Pumpkin Spice Latte diet. Each slider comes loaded with bourbon-glazed pork tenderloin and topped with apple slaw and wasabi honey mustard—and let’s not forget the crispy garlic fry funnel that comes with each order!


Reeeeally like bourbon AND apples? We hope you saved room for dessert because there’s no way you can call yourself a bourbon aficionado without trying Ling & Louie’s Bourbon-Maple Crème Brulee topped with poached apples. But these are no ordinary apples (if they were they might be for boring people and we can’t stand for that), these apples are prepared with bourbon! Talk about patriotic.


For more info on Ling & Louie’s and to stay up to date on limited time menus and events, visit: https://lingandlouies.com/.

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