Mothers Day in Scottsdale: 4 Ways to Make it “Wok”

Moms kind of rock. They make great best friends, role models, support systems without ever really taking a day off. As little kids we always dream of making mom’s day super special with flowers and all the pampering in the world but, alas, many of us were limited by lack of income and a driver’s license. So now that we’re all growed up and have the means to make Mother’s Day special, it’s about time we make up for all those burnt toast breakfasts in bed!


  1. Set Aside the Day for Her

Who says the party has to stop at brunch? Make it a day full of adventure filled with her favorite activities. That may or may not include some things you’re not too enthusiastic about, but hey! Today is all about her after all and let’s be honest, unless you’re not that cool, she’ll be excited just to spend some extra quality time with you.


  1. Schedule a Spa Day

Spa days are a wonderful luxurious experience that we don’t come around often enough, especially if you’re a mom. It’s not always something we’ll go out of the way to schedule for ourselves, but when it’s gifted to you, you bet your hot stones we’re getting that massage. Surprise Mom with a spa day for you and her—paid for by you of course—and soak in all the good juju you can before returning to the real world.


  1. Be Her Personal Maid

Remember the good ol’ days when you’d hear the car in the driveway and frantically start cleaning like you hadn’t been eating Froot Loops and watching cartoons all day? As an adult, you don’t have to worry about those chores anymore, but how about bringing out the feather duster and mop for old time’s sake?


  1. End the Day with Dinner & Cocktails at Ling & Louie’s

And if you don’t think you’ve secured your position as favorite kid just yet, some delicious dinner and cocktails at Ling & Louie’s to end the day might just do it. Ling & Louie’s special “A Toast to Mom” menu is available from May 5th through May 8th and features entrees such as the Spicy Sizzling Salmon, Sizzling Steak & Scallops and the Thai Tuna Bowl.


For drinks, you can order Mom a drink to enjoy on the patio named after some of your favorite phrases to hear growing up, including the “Because I Said So” and “Wait ‘Til Your Dad Gets Home” Mimosas. If you still need a little boost to keep the odds in your favor, we’ve got you covered with a free $10 gift card for mom just for dining with us!


Visit our #ToasttoMom page on our website to see the full menu and get your day of bonding all planned!

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