Classic Thai cooking emphasizes lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatics and spice. Each dish is made with an acute attention to detail, balancing contrasting aspects in taste, temperature and texture. Unlike many other regional cuisines throughout Asia, Thai cuisine is about complexity – the juggling of many ingredients and flavors – to create harmonious dishes unlike any in the world.

Our trip to Thailand begins with classic appetizers in the form of Beggar’s Purses – crisp pork dumplings topped with a savory green curry-coconut sauce – and Siamese Spring Rolls – served traditionally with fresh herbs and lettuce leaves for wrapping.

Our entrees are a cross-section of the complex flavors for which Thailand is known. Our Monsoon Chicken & Shrimp takes our signature Peanut-Red Curry Sauce and blends it masterfully with blackened chicken, shrimp, fresh mango and pineapple. We are also bringing back a long-time favorite in our Wango Mango, which stir-fries your choice of protein with fresh mango, spinach and Thai basil in a sweet lemon grass-chili sauce.

To pair with such a unique cuisine, we had to find an equally unique winery. Imagery has been a long-running project from the Benziger family. The wines we are featuring – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – celebrate traditional varietals enhanced with something a little outside of the box.



Beggar’s Purses  Crispy pork dumplings topped with green curry-coconut and sweet chili sauces  
Recommended Pairing: Thai Basil Mule

Siamese Spring Rolls   Hand-rolled, filled with pork, crab, and glass noodles, served with mint, Thai basil, sweet chili dipping sauce and lettuce for wrapping  
Recommended Pairing: Imagery Pinot Noir


Thai Beef Salad*   Wok-seared beef, vermicelli noodles, mango, avocado, spinach, fresh herbs, cashews, sweet chili dressing  
Recommended Pairing: Imagery Sauvignon Blanc


Served with your choice of jasmine rice, brown rice, or
Uncle Fu’s Fried Rice for a little more

Monsoon Chicken & Shrimp   ­Blackened chicken and shrimp wok’d with fresh pineapple, mango, red bell peppers, broccoli and green onion in our signature peanut-red curry sauce
Recommended Pairing: Ko Phi Phi Cooler

Spicy Thai Basil Chicken   Ground, marinated chicken wok’d with Thai basil, onions, bell peppers and diced Thai chilies… not for the faint at heart!
Recommended Pairing: Imagery Chardonnay

Wango Mango GF    Wok’d with fresh spinach, diced mango and Thai basil in a sweet lemon grass-chili sauce
Choice of: Chicken,  Beef*,  Shrimp, or Scallops*  
Recommended Pairing: Bangkok Spritz


Ko Phi Phi Cooler  
Espolon Reposado Tequila, ginger-lime syrup, grapefruit juice and fresh cilantro

Bangkok Spritz 
Thai Chili-Infused Aperol, mango puree, prosecco and Fever Tree Club Soda

Thai Basil Mule 
Skyy Infusions Citrus Vodka, fresh Thai basil and fresh lemon, topped with Fever Tree Ginger Beer


Imagery has been a long-running project from the Benziger family. These wines embrace the artistry of fine wine, celebrating traditional varietals enhanced with something a little outside the box.

Imagery Sauvignon Blanc
Blended with 20% Dry Muscat… Aromas of honeysuckle and fresh cut grass lead to notes of grapefruit, pineapple and citrus, complemented by a touch of sweetness that sets this apart from traditional sauvignon blancs

Imagery Chardonnay
Blended with a touch of Chenin Blanc… This beautiful wine exhibits flavors of red apple and honeysuckle highlighted with hints of tropical fruits and a bright finish

Imagery Pinot Noir
Blended with 10% Petite Verdot… Jammy flavors of strawberry, cherry and boysenberry are enhanced with silky tannins and lead to a long, layered finish

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*  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness; contains (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients.
GF Items can be made gluten free. Substitutions may apply. Not a gluten free kitchen.

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