Pork: It’s Not Just “The Other White Meat”

Pork has long been known as “the other white meat”. Whether it’s a jab at the little porkers by their small feathered counterparts or society discriminating against their weight, one thing is for sure: Ling & Louie’s has plenty of love for pork. So much so, there’s a whole Pork & Pinot menu you can check out right here!

But back to our case.

To the average non pork-connoisseur, bacon is the reigning champ of all things pork. You can put bacon in burgers, around hotdogs, dip it in chocolate and if you’re a real pioneer you’ll even throw some in your salad (don’t do that). But aside from bacon, there are many other parts of pork that can make for some delicious dishes.

Health Benefits of Pork

Aside from just tasting great, there are lots of benefits to eating pork. For starters, it’s a flavorful and healthier alternative to beef. But despite its nickname, pork is still technically considered a red meat. Fortunately for pork lovers everywhere, its decreasing fattiness in recent years has put pork just about beak to snout with chicken in terms of fattiness. But pork hasn’t lost its benefits. A proper serving of pork still provides the nutrients found in red meat including B vitamins and zinc.

Cooking with Pork

The trick to making a killer pork dish is learning to adjust your method for each cut. Sounds simple enough, but don’t heat up your wok just yet. The thing to keep in mind when cooking a pork dish is the amount of fat in your cut. The less fat the shorter you cook at higher temperatures or the longer you cook, the lower the temperature, of course all while monitoring your juices and inside temperature of the cut with a thermometer.

Cooking with pork today isn’t the same as cooking with it 40 years ago. Today’s pork is much leaner and as a result, much easier to accidentally dry out when cooking. While it can be tricky to cook with pork, doing it the right way can give you a flavor-packed roast just as good as or even better than whatever Mrs. Moo two pastures over can.

Don’t Want to Cook?

We know you didn’t make it all the way to the end of this because you feel like cooking tonight. But don’t worry, our offer still stands. We’ll totally wine and dine you. Well, more like Pork & Pinot to be exact.





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