Sushi Trends to Try This Summer

America loves sushi! In the past two decades, sushi has grown to be a popular everyday food with more and more restaurants offering the Japanese delicacy. While many Americans prefer the authentic, delicate taste of traditional Japanese sushi, others have preferred to put their own twist on the flavors and presentation of the dish.


Sushi in the U.S. has taken on many new flavors and styles, it’s even become a quick eat with many purveyors offering pre-packaged sushi for people on-the-go! So like any delicious new food trend, it’s not surprising it’s inspired some pretty delicious variations for sushi lovers and foodies alike. These are some of the hottest sushi trends turning foodie heads everywhere this summer:


The Sushi Burrito

Like the sushi craze, America’s obsession with Mexican food began long ago, but more recently became a cultural phenomenon with help from certain chains who shall remain unnamed, the weekly holiday that is #TacoTuesday , burrito emojis and of course, the almighty margarita. So it wasn’t long before these two unstoppable food forces were bound to meet and marry to give us the sushi burrito—an uncut sushi roll that somehow still feels shiny, new and dangerous(ly delicious). Venturing into the frontiers of sushi burrito territory is yours truly, Ling & Louie’s. Check out this month’s limited time menu featuring the Spicy Ahi Burro and much more:


Sushi Cake

This not-so-traditional cake layers all the traditional ingredients of sushi including rice, fish, seaweed and other greens, only instead of rolls, they’re arranged in layers. The filling ingredients are arranged in between layers of packed rice that mirrors the layers of the cake itself. So far, this type of sushi arrangement hasn’t taken off as a trend in restaurants so much as it has as a DIY and Instagram tutorial, but we predict it’s only a matter of time before the trend bounces off the phone screen and onto your plate!


Conveyor Belt Sushi

Conveyor belt sushi is the gift that keeps on giving; literally, until you can no longer consume anymore. These sushi restaurants are popular in Japan and have made their way to the U.S. in the past few years. Also known as sushi trains, these types of restaurants serve sushi by placing different types of rolls and other sushi dishes on plates that move along through the restaurant past guests with the help of conveyor belts. Guests can pick out the dishes they want as they travel by and they are later charged according to their (empty) plate selection. Many restaurants take advantage of the belt concept, turning it into a presentation piece using small boats, trains and other pretty adorable sushi “pods”. Who knows, maybe Ling might test the old belt at Ling & Louie’s!



No, we didn’t forget the m-o-n. The poke we’re talking about is a Hawaiian specialty that consists of fresh cut raw fish, sauces and other fresh ingredients served in the form of a salad. Poke loosely translates to “slices” or “cuts” and like traditional sushi, cuts are a very important part of this dish. Poke made its debut in Hawaii, of course, but it’s since become widely popular in cities all over California and is gradually making its way around the U.S. If you’ve never tried poke, Ling & Louie’s serves some delicious Ahi Poke Tacos made with wok-seared sashimi-grade ahi, onions and cabbage all topped with a spicy aioli and Asian salsa. Quite the perfect way to get the two of you acquainted, we’d say.


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