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Japanese cuisine is world-renowned for its highly meticulous preparation methods and refined presentations. Great Japanese cuisine represents the balance of the finest ingredients and skillful preparation. This results in pure flavors that bring out the best qualities in each ingredient.

For our trip to Japan, we have chosen to provide a cross-section of popular Japanese cuisine. For some items, such as our Miso-Marinated Sea Bass and Spicy Udon, we have chosen to provide authentic flavors as you would find throughout Japan. For other dishes, we have infused classic Japanese techniques with our unique American flair. You will see this in dishes like our Pork Katsu Sandwich and Shrimp Sumo Roll, which is a fusion of a sushi roll and burrito!

To highlight the cuisine, we have hand-crafted some amazing cocktails using Japanese sake, such as our refreshing Sake Sangria and luscious Coconut-Lychee Martini. For serious cocktail lovers, we are also offering a Green Tea Sour, featuring Hibiki ‘Japanese Harmony’ Whisky shaken with a house-made green tea syrup and fresh citrus. If you’d like a truly authentic experience, enjoy a sampling of TYKU Sake, featuring their Junmai Ginjo, Cucumber and Coconut Nigori offerings.



Jalapeño-Yellowtail Roll GF*   Fresh yellowtail, sliced jalapeño, avocado, cilantro, spicy garlic sauce
Recommended Pairing: TYKU Junmai Ginjo Sake


Spicy Ahi Roll GF*   Diced ahi mixed with spicy mayo and asparagus 
Recommended Pairing: TYKU Cucumber Sake


Wokin’ Hot Shishito Peppers GF    Tossed in a sweet sesame glaze 
Recommended Pairing: TYKU Coconut Nigori Sake



Miso Soup  Ling’s take on this classic Japanese soup  



Miso-Marinated Sea Bass GF    Wok-seared and served over baby bok choy with sake-dashi broth and roasted shishito peppers 
Recommended Pairing: Sake Southside



Pork Katsu Sandwich*   Panko-breaded pork tenderloin topped with lettuce, salsa, tonkatsu sauce and mustard  
Recommended Pairing: Green Tea Sour


Spicy Udon   Fresh vegetables wok’d with thick udon noodles in a spicy house-made teriyaki sauce
Choice of: Chicken,  Beef*, Shrimp, Scallops*, or Salmon*  

Recommended Pairing: Coconut-Lychee Martini


Shrimp Sumo Roll GF     A hybrid of a sushi roll and burrito… wok’d shrimp, pineapple salsa, spinach and sweet soy glaze, wrapped with seasoned rice and soy paper
Recommended Pairing: Sake Sangria

Hand-Crafted Cocktails

Sake Sangria
TYKU Cucumber Sake infused with watermelon and fresh mint

Green Tea Sour
Hibiki ‘Japanese Harmony’ Whisky, green tea syrup, fresh lemon, sparkling water

Coconut-Lychee Martini
TYKU Coconut Sake, Soho Lychee Liqueur, ginger, fresh citrus

Sake Southside
TYKU Cucumber Sake shaken with fresh mint, green tea, lemon juice and egg white


TYKU Junmai Ginjo Sake
Rich and silky texture with peach and vanilla notes

TYKU Cucumber Sake
Light and refreshing, with delicate cucumber notes and a smooth finish

TYKU Coconut Nigori Sake
Unfiltered with a creamy texture and subtle hint of vanilla and coconut

TYKU Sake Flight
A two ounce sampling of each premium sake from TYKU

Learn more about our 2018 Passport Menus.

*  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness; contains (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients.
GF Items can be made gluten free. Substitutions may apply. Not a gluten free kitchen.

Celebrate the Holidays with Ling & Louie’s

We believe the holidays are best celebrated in style! That’s why we at Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill are offering a special “Create Your Own Surf & Turf” menu throughout the month of December!

We invite all of our “Not Boring” guests to build your own delicious, sizzling platter by choosing your favorite “surf,” “turf,” and signature sauce. Our expert chefs will combine your choices into one outstanding meal with which you can celebrate the Holidays!

Stop in to your favorite Ling & Louie’s location this Holiday season to take advantage of this special offer*!

* Prices vary per location. Contact your favorite location for special holiday hours and pricing.

Ling & Louie’s Teammate Wins at 2017 Foodist Awards

“At the heart of it all, we are a human resources company. Our people separate our restaurants from the pack.”

– Randy Schoch, CEO Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill

On Thursday, October 19th, 2017, Head Server and Trainer, Sherry Dierauer, received a prestigious award at the Foodist Awards in Arizona. Sherry, team member at Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill in Scottsdale, received the award for “Best Restaurant Employee.” She beat out finalists from other highly acclaimed restaurants throughout Arizona.

Sherry, who started with Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill in 2008, has worked passionately to create the warm and inviting atmosphere for guests that CEO Randy Schoch envisioned years ago when developing the concept. Her hard work and dedication has helped mold the restaurant’s service standards for years. Her warm personality and great care for hospitality has allowed her to create long-lasting relationships with her teammates and guests alike. Upon receiving the award, Sherry thanked both her co-workers and guests for affording her the opportunity to win the Foodist Award.

“We have always instilled a sense of individuality in our teammates,” says Greg Smith, Director of Operations for Ling & Louie’s. “Sherry has gone above and beyond to embrace that and let her personality shine. She understands what true hospitality is and is a great example of what we love to see from all Desert Island employees.”

The Foodist Awards is an annual event hosted by the Arizona Restaurant Association honoring the best tastes, faces and places in Arizona food and beverage. The event, hosted at Young’s Market Company, brought together the best of Arizona’s food and beverage scene for a fun-filled evening.

We at Ling & Louie’s would like to send a big congratulations to Sherry and all of the award winners at this year’s Foodist Awards!

Be Hot This Summer!

Surviving the hot summer temperatures is not for boring people! At Ling & Louie’s, why not cool down and join us for our Sizzlin’ Summer Spectacular, Saturday, July 1, 2017 – Thursday, August 31, 2017?

Make a splash with your friends and family and enjoy $5 off any Sizzling Platter with the purchase of another entrée of equal or greater value!

Choose from Sizzlin’ Platters such as Surf & Turf, Blackened Chicken & Pork, Korean Salmon, and Shanghai Shrimp & Scallops. Try it Louie’s way with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and your tastebuds will be dancing!

While you’re at it, pair off your sizzlin’ entrée with one of our fine wines such as Sileni ‘The Straits’ Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or Elouan Pinot Noir from Oregon!

If a cool drink is more your style, try one of our signature cocktails, such as the Frozen Thai Mai. This cocktail is made with an exotic blend of Cruzan Mango and Pineapple Rums, light rum and tropical juices served with a swirl of Cruzan Black Strap Rum. Or maybe a margarita is more your style – enter the Ginger Lime Margarita made with Espolon Resposado Tequila, Patron Citronge, and house-made ginger lime syrup, of course with an Asian twist.

We also have a great selection of beer and whisky, including hard to find bottles of Japanese Whisky!

Come and sizzle with Ling & Louie’s this summer!




Yappy Hour at Ling & Louie’s Scottsdale!

The temperatures maybe rising, but that’s no reason to get hot under the collar. Instead, take a moment out of your day to “paws” and bring your four-legged friend to Yappy Hour at Ling & Louie’s Scottsdale location and have a tail-wagging good time! Our Yappy Hour will be held all April long – Saturday and Sunday, from 11am until 3pm. A lot of your favorite appetizers plus drink specials that include signature cocktails, wine, and bottled and draft beer.

Enjoy our dog friendly patio and get a leg up on some great Yappy Hour specials. You can dine on delicious appetizers such as our Mongolian Flatbread topped with sliced beef, roasted red peppers, red onions, cheese and spicy aioli or the Crispy Calamari topped with spicy aioli and sweet chili sauces. Or maybe a veggie roll that’s filled with asparagus, cucumber, avocado and daikon sprouts, drizzled with a citrus aioli, a Crab Crunch Roll there’s something for everyone – even a Hophead Burger!

We’re also collecting donations for the Arizona Humane Society during the month of April.  If you make a donation, you’re going to score a free Yappy Hour appetizer!

Here are some of the items the AZ Humane Society can use:

  • Canned dog (pâté style or ground)
  • Dry and canned puppy food
  • Puppy baby bottles
  • Puppy training pads
  • Baby wipes
  • Small Kong™ toys
  • Training treats such as Train-Me! or Bil-Jac®
  • Hard toys such as Nylabone™ and Kong™ toys
  • Meat-only baby food
  • Dog food rolls
  • Soft dog treats
  • Kleenx
  • Grooming blades (size 40)
  • Paper Towels

Yappy Hour runs from 11am-3pm every Saturday and Sunday through April on our dog friendly patio. For more information can be found here!

Spring Training in Scottsdale

Spring Training is upon us in the desert and devoted fans from all over the country head to the Valley of the Sun. Since 1947, baseball teams have been coming to various parts of Arizona, including Scottsdale and Mesa, for Spring training. Visitors experience the beauty of the dessert and warmer weather while hoping to catch their favorite players during breaks and warm-ups for an autograph or even a selfie.  Scottsdale alone is home to three Major League Baseball teams:  San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies and Arizona’s own – the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Downtown Scottsdale, is a hot spot for tourists, especially during Spring Training. The San Francisco Giants, 2015 World Series Champions, play ball at the Scottsdale Stadium within walking distance of Scottsdale Road and Main Street.  While hanging out in Downtown Scottsdale, otherwise known as “Oldtown”, fans can experience a lot of what Arizona has to offer including art galleries, a beautiful waterfront stroll, nightlife, specialty stores and boutiques.

Arizona fans don’t have to go far from Phoenix to catch the team – The Arizona Diamondbacks can be found at their Spring Training home at Salt River Fields. Something unique about this stadium is that it also houses the Colorado Rockies.

Ling & Louie’s is also approximately 20 minutes from Sloan Park, in Mesa. Sloan Park is home the home of the 2016 World Champion Cubs and Cubs fans have been waiting years to be able to say that! (Parent tip – there is an awesome playground like no other for kids nearby that they will love and can burn off some energy before the game).

Knowing that Louie is a huge baseball that just never quite made it to the big leagues – he did make it to the big leagues of American Comfort food with these not boring dishes.   We’ve chosen some great “American Comfort” food picks we think you’ll enjoy before or after the game (with an ice cold beer, of course)!

Loaded Sliders. You’ll feel as if you’ve stolen 2nd and 3rd base with this choice. Three sliders are filled with tender sliced beef, bleu cheese and onions in a garlic-ginger soy sauce, topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato, served with garlic-parmesan fries. Pair it up with a San Tan Brewing Hefeweizen!

Firecracker Chicken Tacos Ready for a little spice? Three tacos with wok’d chicken, bleu cheese, chili sauce, cabbage and Asian salsa. It’s always fun to watch the fireworks with a beer, why not try our Firecracker Chicken tacos with a cold Louie’s Pale Ale, aka Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale?

Next up to bat is the Big Burger in Little China. This take on a burger is intense. Starting with a marinated Wagyu beef patty topped with candied bacon, cucumber salad, Chinese BBQ sauce and spicy aioli, served with garlic-parmesan fries.   Pair this up with a Ling’s Lager (Session Lager, Oregon) and you’ll have felt like you’ve hit a homerun!  Louie would approve.

You can find the entire menu online!