The Best Holiday Cocktails

This year we want to make your New Year’s Eve “sparkle and shine.”  We are not just talking about the decorations but in the “liquids” you celebrate with.  This year we are celebrating with a series of sparkling drinks that are festive and delicious.

The first drink we are introducing is called the Toledo 75, which is our own unique twist on the classic French 75.  Here is the simple recipe to make one at home, although we do prefer you visiting because we love seeing your smiling faces. J

Combine .75 ounces of Gin, along with .5 ounces of Elderflower Liqueur and you want to shake it well with ice.  From there, strain it into a flute and add sparkling wine.  This year our sparkling wine of choice is Sophora Sparkling Cuvee, from New Zealand.  The drink has clean, citrusy flavors with floral notes.

The second sparkling cocktail option is called the New Year’s Kiss.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a “New Year’s Kiss” of their very own?  The perfect way to ring in 2017 starts off with .75 ounces of Hendricks Gin that is combined with .5 ounces of Cucumber Liqueur and .5 ounces of Passion Fruit Puree.  Shake up all of these ingredients with ice and strain the contents into a flute, then finish off with sparkling wine.

Finally, one of the biggest wishes most people have for the new year is for it to be prosperous.  So why not partake in a Prosperous Punch.  For this one you want to get one liter of Dark Rum.  Add to that .75 liters of Pineapple Juice along with .5 liters of Lime Juice, .5 liters of Simple Syrup.  As with most punch, fresh fruit goes along with it.  From there you want to combine Lime wheels, Pineapple wedges, orange slices and sliced strawberries.  The final step is to add .75 liters of Sparkling Wine.  The Sparkling Wine does not get added until your guests are ready to partake in the deliciousness.  It is preferable to let everything infuse overnight before pouring it all over one block of ice in a punch bowl.  Prior to your guests arriving, pour in the Sparkling Wine and enjoy!

New Year’s Eve is not only a night of reflection but one of anticipation.  Reflect on things you’ve accomplished and goals you have set for yourself.  The new year brings a chance to wipe the slate clean for a fresh start. We hope you choose us to start off your new year with us!  Remember, we’ll be there waiting with fantastic drinks and delicious meals waiting.

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