The Friendly Side of Bourbon: Cocktails Even Your Grandma Could Drink

There are days when wine and beer just aren’t enough. There are days when only bourbon can save the day. Whether it’s because your food pairing calls for it or because it’s just been one of those weeks—don’t worry we won’t question you—bourbon is essential to any refined palate. Even for those that didn’t know they were ready. So if you’ve never experienced the explosion of warmth that is bourbon whiskey, follow our instructions and proceed with caution!

Ask a hardcore bourbon enthusiast and they’ll tell you a good whiskey should not be tainted with other flavors—water included. But if you’re new to the bourbon streets, you’re probably a little intimidated by the dark, strong and mysterious type. Fortunately, there are lots of great mixers that can make bourbon more approachable for those who’d like something just a tad less strong.

Approachable Cocktails to Try

The trick for any approachable bourbon cocktail is to choose a mixer that plays off of the flavors found in the bourbon itself. Because that can often be tricky, the experts here at Ling & Louie’s have taken the liberty to go ahead and throw some together for you to try:

  • Bourbon-Cider Cocktail- This drink is a great and refreshing way to introduce anyone to bourbon. Our concoction used Jim Beam Bourbon, five spice syrup and lemon juice—a classic mixer to try in many bourbon cocktails might we add—all topped with cider. Can you say ‘refreshing’?


  • Bee’s Sting- Don’t be alarmed, this one’s only got a little bit of a bite. Jim Beam Black Bourbon and Thatcher’s Organic Chipotle Liqueur mixed with Thai chili-infused honey and fresh lemon give this drink enough of a sting to know it’s bourbon, but not too much that you can’t savor its flavors.


  • Eastern Sour- If you’ve ever enjoyed a whiskey sour, it’s safe to say our Eastern Sour is its more sophisticated older brother who moved to the east. This cocktail features Maker’s Mark Bourbon shaken with citrus, fresh mint, orgeat syrup and a splash of sparkling wine to round the flavors. Nothing over the top—just classic.


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