This Summer in Scottsdale, Get Ready to Think Outside the Wok!

True to our “Not for Boring People” philosophy, we’ve taken this summer as an opportunity to try some new things. Everyone pretty much knows we rock the wok, but as a true testament to our adventurousness in the kitchen, we’re introducing guests to some dishes we created in an effort to “think outside the wok.”


From now until July 13th, we’re featuring a very special “Think Outside the Wok” menu where we get to explore some new flavors and combinations made sans wok. The menu features some delicious and unique appetizers, entrees and a dessert, while the drink menu features some signatures cocktails and brews for guests to enjoy.


The Appetizers:

The “Think Outside the Wok” appetizers are nothing short of original. The Holy Toledo Wings and Baconator Roll take some of the most traditional American comfort foods and toss them into a mix of some of our favorite signature Asian ingredients. Get ready to experience the wing you know, reinvented. This recipe tosses your everyday wings in a mix of Kung POW! Sauce or the extra hot Cry Baby sauce to make you reevaluate your decisions later (with no regrets of course).


The Entrées:

To the untrained eye, these may sound like regular American dinner dishes, but don’t be fooled; each packs its own Kung Fu kicks! Louie’s Hophead Burger ain’t your average BLT. This burger comes drizzled with a bleu cheese-IPA sauce that makes it ideal to pair with your favorite brews.


Along with this original burger, the entrée menu offers some tasty Firecracker Chicken Sliders and fresh Steamed Sea Bass served with shitake mushrooms, lap cheong, and a light soy-mirin sauce flashed with sesame oil. Hashtag yum.


Hoptails and Brews:

This specialty menu doesn’t just flex its creativity in the kitchen, but the bar too! Our “Hop-tails” take some of the tastiest summer brews and quality drink ingredients to make some of the most unique beer-cocktail drinks around. From the Shanghai Shandy, which takes Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka (can you say summer?), ginger-lime citrus topped with Widmer Hefeweizen, to the Thai chili and citrus infused Muay Thai Michelada, we’ll bet you’ve never had a drink like these.


If you’re in for just a good old fashioned beer, the ”Think Outside the Wok” menu features four summertime brews including the ‘Freestyle’ Czech-Style Pilsner from Santa Fe Brewing and the ‘Gostrider’ White IPA from Wasatch Brewery.


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