We Don’t Want you to Be Bored — Even at Breakfast!

Whether it’s during the holidays or after, the next time you’re traveling and end up at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, stop by Ling & Louie’s! We offer all of your favorite dishes during lunch and dinner but we also serve breakfast.

The Texas Breakfast comes with scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes and bacon or sausage. We also offer a spicy Breakfast Burrito topped with Louie’s roasted Hatch chili sauce.

Here’s an interesting twist on French Toast. You gotta try our Macadamia Nut-infused Texas Toast dipped in our special batter. We promise you won’t be bored!

In case you’re curious, breakfast comes from the Old English word for dinner — disner — which means to “break a fast.” It was the first meal eaten in the day. In the 15th century, “breakfast” became a morning meal and was meant to break the fast from the night before. 

As far as breakfast beverages, Great Britain started the tradition of tea, chocolate and coffee for breakfast in the mid-1600s. By the 1700s, coffee and chocolate were considered very fashionable breakfast drinks but tea eventually became more popular than chocolate for a morning drink.

Start your own tradition with us! Come and visit us the next time you’re in Dallas!

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